Qnovo Intelligent Fast Charging

Improving the mobile battery experience

Out with slow charging

Fast charging is a great way to recover from the inevitable dead battery. So where is it? Most battery life-limiting damage occurs during charging, rather than during use. To date, mobile device manufacturers have deliberately charged more slowly in order to nurse lifetime out of the battery. In other words, sufficient battery lifetime has meant slow charging. Until now.

Get both fast battery charging and longer battery life with Qnovo

Qnovo takes an innovative and patented approach to battery charging. By using intelligent electronics and software, Qnovo continuously monitors the battery health and adjusts the speed of charging – hundreds of times a second. The result is faster charging AND extended battery lifetime. The best of both worlds!

Your battery’s 15 minutes of fame

When your battery is dead, minutes matter. After all, your time is way more valuable than sitting around waiting for your phone or tablet to charge. In just 15 minutes of Qnovo fast charging, you can gain up to six hours of additional use time.

In just 15 minute fast charge, you can gain up to 6 hours in battery life

Battery + electronics = a better battery

Batteries are the oxygen of mobile devices. But since the commercial introduction of Lithium-Ion batteries several decades ago, little has changed in battery technology. Batteries have simply not kept pace with the staggering advancements in electronics that have occurred during the same time period. Qnovo started with a simple question. How could rapidly advancing electronics be used to make batteries better? Qnovo’s electrochemists realized that most of the damage to batteries occurs during charging. By applying a more intelligent charging process, this damage could be minimized. Rather than charging with a simple current, Qnovo injects a series of charge “packets”, followed by measurements to determine the battery’s state-of-health. Modifications are then applied to simultaneously minimize charge time and cell damage. This process is repeated hundreds of times each second throughout the life of the battery. Your battery has good days and bad days, just like you do. With intelligent charging, Qnovo recognizes not only when your battery can be charged faster, but also when it should be charged a little more slowly to ensure it will last. You will probably not notice the difference, but your battery sure will!

Get both fast battery charging and longer battery life with Qnovo

Closing the loop

The adaptive nature of Qnovo’s patented closed-loop algorithms uniquely optimize the performance and lifetime of each individual battery. It turns out that no two batteries are born alike, nor perform alike. Even two cells made on the same day can perform substantially differently. With Qnovo’s adaptive feedback, battery performance is more consistent, meaning all users enjoy a better battery experience. Qnovo products are patent protected; read more on our Patent Page.

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Qnovo's intelligent fast charging saves time

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